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    Thank you for visiting the Learning Center's Perl Article index. Below are the currently available articles. If you'd like to write a Perl, webmaster, or general programming article, please contact our editor with a summary of the article you would like to write.

    Title Author Publication Date Page Weight
    n Lines per Page, or How to output a set number of records, in sequence, page by page. Dave Mortimer 06/04/2001 19k
    Autovivification : What is it and why do I care? Uri Guttman 02/16/2001 17k
    Network Programming in Perl [Book] - Chapter 6 Lincoln Stein 02/01/2001 85k
    CGI Tutorial: Parsing a Query, Part 1 Jeff "japhy" Pinyan 12/01/2000 19k
    Hash Mania Jasmine Merced-Ownbey 12/01/2000 15k
    Function of the Month - map Simon Cozens 10/1/2000 16k
    Demystifying CGI: Part 1 - Things to Know About CGI Jeff "japhy" Pinyan 10/1/2000 16k
    Demystifying CGI : Part 2. Types of Queries Jeff "japhy" Pinyan 10/1/2000 11k
    Perl Regular Expressions - Expanded Tutorial From the Perl Manual 10/1/2000 split/136k total
    Function of the Month - grep Simon Cozens 08/01/2000 16k
    Choosing a Perl Book Simon Cozens 08/01/2000 28k
    Practical Perl - Programming for Higher Cause Ellison Belt 08/01/2000 12k
    Traps for Perl4 Programmers From the Perl Manual 08/01/2000 5k
    Perl Style Guide From the Perl Manual 08/01/2000 8k
    Traps for Perl4 Programmers From the Perl Manual 08/01/2000 5k
    Repeating Yourself Jeff "japhy" Pinyan 07/01/2000 6k
    Hash Slices Uri Guttman 07/01/2000 5k
    PerlWhirl 2000 Jasmine Merced-Ownbey 07/01/2000 13k
    yapc 19100 Jasmine Merced-Ownbey 07/01/2000 11k
    CGI Output with HTML Templates David Lyon 07/01/2000 11k
    Handling File Uploading from WWW Forms David Lyon 07/01/2000 6k
    Perl Regular Expressions - Quick Start Mark Kvale 07/01/2000 24k
    What's New in Perl 5.6.0? Simon Cozens 06/01/2000 22k
    Beginning Perl : Ten Perl Myths Simon Cozens 06/01/2000 29k
    Some Perl Tips Turk Scripts 05/01/2000 9k
    Multiple Search Results Pages in Perl Ray Street 05/01/2000 29k
    Getting information into your script. Part 1 - Forms R. Livsey 04/01/2000 9k
    Getting information into your script. Part 2 - The Query String R. Livsey 04/01/2000 7k
    HTML in E-Mail with Sendmail Andrew Timmins 04/01/2000 13k
    Quoting Operators and Interpolation Jeff "japhy" Pinyan 03/01/2000 16k
    How do I run Perl and CGI scripts on my PC? R. Livsey 03/01/2000 10k
    Driving you Loopy R. Livsey 03/01/2000 8k
    CGI 101 - Tell A Friend - and Win! Robin Bassett 03/01/2000 16k
    A Guestbook of your own Robin Bassett 02/01/2000 22k
    CGI For Dummies Neil Cousins 02/01/2000 8k

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